Alfred Petterwelch Lacbayo

Philippine Policymaking Process

In the Philippines, legislation is vested in the Congress which consist of two chambers or houses: the Senate (upper) and the House of Representatives (lower). The Congress of the Philippines can act on the following types of legislations: Bills – These are general measures that may become laws. This requires the approval of both chambers …

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The Philippine Government

The Philippine Government consists of three branches: Legislative, Executive, and the Judiciary. Each of these branches have their own defined and specific roles that ensure the upholding, promotion, and protection of the Filipino’s welfare. It is imperative, and ideally, that these branches are working in harmony with each other and with similar levels of competence. …

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How Public Policies are Funded?

The previous article elucidated on the various approaches to policymaking. There we learned that there are different ways and reasons in crafting public policies. Earlier articles also discussed the purpose of public policies, its several types, and the process of its creation. There we are enlightened that public policies’ covers a vast range of populations …

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